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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Many new homes feature two story foyers.  This gives the home an immediate dramatic effect upon entering the home.  It also poses some design challenges.  Many people with two story foyers long to add some kind of wall art to the upper foyer walls, but they are at a loss as to how to go about it.  They don’t know what kind of art to hang.  They don’t know how a viewer would even get to see it.   

For two story foyers, I like to install architectural art such as metal grills and walls.  Forged metal wall décor is easy to see from the floor and seldom has details that are so intricate that they need to be seen up close. 

One such item that would be great to decorate a two story foyer with is this Dinia Metal Door Wall Décor.  It is reminiscent of a garden gate, or  manor door and goes will with many design styles from Southeast, to eclectic, to traditional. 

This metal wall art is quite large, at 26” by 55”, so it stands alone quite well.  It weighs 25 pounds making it substantial, but not so heavy that when hung professionally that it will not stay in place indefinitely.  This metal art creation has forged elements, and hammered elements and is quite beautiful and detailed.  It also has contrasting details on it. 

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